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Protecting Your Home

Do you have protection?

No, we aren’t trying to be your parents while you’re on your way to your first date. We’re actually wondering how well your home is protected from the dust and mess during remodeling.

One of the biggest complaints that we hear about our industry is regarding the mess that is made during the construction process. It’s impossible to remodel a home without creating some degree of mess, dust, and disruption. Any contractor who tells you otherwise is lying to you!

The good news is that a conscientious contractor, such as Allrounder Remodeling, will take steps to minimize the mess and disruption during the project.

More often than not, our team needs to travel through parts of the home that aren’t under construction in order to get to the areas that are under construction.  We utilize a variety of materials to protect these floors from damage and dirt from foot traffic.  Hard surface floors are protected with a board product that is made specifically to prevent construction damage.  Carpeted surfaces are covered with a tacky plastic film to protect them from footprints, dirt, and debris.

Demolition, cutting, and drywall activities can produce a lot of fine dust particles.  These particles can travel through normal air movement and via the HVAC system and end up everywhere.   Allrounder Remodeling utilizes a negative pressure air filtration system during dusty activities.  This system sucks in the dusty air, traps the dust in a HEPA filtration system, and then exhausts the air in another location.  Our air filtration system is the most expensive piece of equipment that we own, and arguably our most important.  This system keeps most of the dust contained and away from the rest of your home.

On occasion, our clients will move out of the home during the project.  However, most of our projects take place in homes that are still occupied by our clients.   In order to separate the work areas from the occupied parts of the home, our team deploys plastic curtains to keep dust from migrating.  If our team or our clients need to pass through the curtain, then we will install a magnetic or zipper doorway between the work area and occupied areas.


When interviewing a potential contractor for your project, ask them what specific steps they will take to protect your home and your family from the dust and potential damage that a remodeling project will create.


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