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4-Season Porch Update

A few simple updates turned this porch from a space that our clients dreaded into a space that they can’t get enough of.  The damaged popcorn ceiling was skim coated and painted to create a nice flat surface.  A random piece of exposed ductwork was found to not be serving any purpose and was removed.  The exterior doors and storm doors were replaced with new energy efficient models.  In addition, the existing wall paneling was carefully prepared and painted in a nice fresh color.  Luxury vinyl tile flooring will hold up great with traffic and dogs.



“Allrounder spruced up our four-season porch. Skim coated the ceiling, replaced the light fixtures, painted the paneling (our budget didn’t allow replacing with drywall), put in new flooring, replaced the door to the backyard and fire door into the garage, all new moulding around doors and windows, plus baseboard and crown moulding. Liked the crown moulding so much we had them put it in the kitchen too. Eric & team were very responsible, came when they said they would come or called in advance if their schedule changed. Very careful about keeping dust&debris out of the rest of the house and cleaning up. No surprises with the budget. This is the second project Allrounder has done for us, and will be our first choice for any future projects.”

-Brad, Bloomington MN



Tracy Morris



Eric Bader

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Townhome Improvements

Sometimes a full remodel isn’t needed to accomplish our clients goals.  In this case, our client liked the layout and cabinets in her kitchen.  She wanted to update it a bit and finish it with materials that were easy to maintain.  Our team replaced the countertops, sinks, and faucets in not only the kitchen but also all of the bathrooms.  Cambria quartz countertops were used for maximum beauty and durability.  In addition, the flooring throughout the home was replaced with luxury vinyl tile and solid wood.  The kitchen appliances were replaced with new stainless models.  Most of the interior was painted, and the kitchen received new cabinet hardware and a tile backsplash.  A nice change without the expense of a full remodel!

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Our clients had recently moved into this home.  They knew it needed some updates and felt that it had great potential to be their “forever home” but weren’t sure what was needed to make it perfect.  Our clietns are a busy family, so our plan needed to address the needs of all ages and abilities, as well as enough flexibility to change with them as the kids grow older.


A wall ran down the center of the home, dividing the kitchen and living areas.  Our team quickly identified the removal of this wall as a priority, as removing it would all for many more design options.  A structural engineer was brought in to investigate, and much to our surprise, we discovered that the wall was not load-bearing and could be removed without any additional support needed.  Next, the kitchen area was planned and designed.


Various workstations were incorporated into the design, allowing multiple users to work on different tasks without getting in each-others way.  These stations included the microwave, sink/dishwasher, range, and a unique cabinet that incorporates the highly-used coffee maker and toaster.  Ample space was given between the stations and center island to keep users from bumping into each other.  Finally, a solid walnut integrated breakfast counter was designed to allow the kids to work on homework while mom and dad cook dinner.  Rustic alder cabinets in a dark stain look great and contain all of the modern bells and whistles.  Cambria quartz countertops look great and are easy to clean and maintain.  Our clients loved the huge front window and didn’t want to replace it, so our designer integrated a flip-top bench beneath it for additional storage and seating.  The kitchen lighting includes undercabinet, overhead, and task-specific lighting.  All lighting is LED and controlled by dimmers for efficiency.


In addition to the kitchen, the newly-opened up main level contains room for a large dining table and a seating/conversation space.  The lighting was designed to illuminate each space separately or together, and dimmers allow our clients to set the perfect lighting for whatever activity or mood they are in.  All of the main level flooring was replacing with luxury vinyl plank.  Walls and ceilings were painted, and the exterior doors and patio door were replaced.  Some interior doors were replaced, along with moulding and trim.  A new guardrail system was installed around the open stairway.  A custom storage nook was placed near the family entrance to create a “drop zone” when entering the home.


The bathroom layouts remained the same, but the spaces were completely updated.  Numerous plumbing and electrical issues were addressed prior to the beautiful new finishes being installed.  The hall bathroom will serve 2 children and guests.  It received beautiful herringbone tile on the floor and a lovely glass inlay in the tub area.  Speaking of the tub, the huge soaker tub will be borrowed by mom on a regular basis.  The dark blue vanity adds some fun to this space.  The 2nd bathroom received nice hex tile on the floor, and a clean white palette for the rest of the room.


Melissa Buchanan


Eric Bader

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Riverfront Retreat

Our clients have a lovely home on the Mississippi River in Newport.  Their wish was to increase the size of the master bedroom, create a large walk in closet, and improve the ventilation and lighting in these spaces.  Maximizing the view and breezes from the river was of utmost importance.  In addition, the bathroom was in dire need of a renovation.  The project involved taking 3 upstairs bedrooms and converting them into a large master suite.


During our initial meetings with the clients, we discussed their needs and lifestyle in more detail.  Discussions were had regarding number of bedrooms and resale value, as well as any potential for future family expansion or children.  Some general ideas were sketched out for the bedroom areas and bathroom.  These sketches were turned over to our design team, who drew some computerized ideas and plans.  5 initial floor plans were presented.  After reviewing these with the client, a hybrid idea was developed, which our architect ran with and drew up.  A structural engineer was brought in to verify that the walls we wished to remove were not load bearing.  Our cabinet designer drew up some great ideas for the bathroom.  Once the plans were approved by the client, our design team worked with the clients to pick out the cabinets, tile, fixtures, etc. that would go into the space.  Finally, our trade partners were brought in to walk through the project and alleviate any construction concerns or plan tweaks that may have been needed.


3 bedrooms and 2 small closets were converted into a large master suite with huge walk-in closet.  Additional walls were framed to create new separations between the hallway and this new space.  The existing plaster was carefully blended with new drywall to ensure that the spaces looked like they had always been this way.  Special high-build ceiling paint was used to ensure an even finish in this brightly lit space.   Our trim carpenters installed new pocket doors and trim.  The painters did a beautiful job with the rich color palette.  In these areas, the hardwood floors were patched and the entire area refinished.  Our electricians installed new lighting, ceiling fans, and additional outlets for our clients convenience.


Our clients had a strong wish for a black and white space.  These can be some of the most difficult finishes to work with, as every imperfection sticks out like a sore thumb.  The tub was removed to create a large walk-in shower and linen closet.  The porcelain tile floor sits on top of an in-floor heat system.  A combination of fixtures from different brands were used in order to provide the custom look that our clients were seeking.  A custom clear glass door and panel allows light to pass into the shower area and combines with a huge mirror to make the room feel larger.  Black cabinets were designed to maximize storage, and the Cambria quartz countertop looks amazing and will be a breeze to keep clean.


An upgraded electrical panel will provide plenty of power to the home, and some dated plumbing piping was replaces.  A sliding rustic alder barn door separates the hallway from the master suite.  A new craftsman-style fiberglass front door puts the exclamation point on this beautiful project.


This project took about 3 months to design and plan.  Construction was completed in about 3-1/2 months.


Leah Johnson & Carly Hand

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Full Home in St. Paul

This project touched nearly every room on all 3 floors of the home.


The crown jewel of this project is the kitchen.  Careful planning and a full gut job allowed this space to really open up and become a useful space for our clients.  Old wonky framing was repaired.  The plumbing, electrical, and ventilation were all brought up to date.  Spray foam insulation made an instant difference in the comfort level of the room before the drywall went up.  Custom trim was curated to perfectly match what was in the other rooms of the home, and then the painters did a great job in making it all pop.

Next, the custom cabinets were installed.  The cabinets include soft close doors and drawers, along with hidden rollout trays and a trash/recycling drawer.  Cambria quartz countertops look great and will be easy to maintain.  The wavy tile backsplash is super fun.  Tons of lighting was included ,both overhead and undercabinet.  Stainless appliances finish things off.


A foundation leak led to much of the existing finishes being removed.  A drain tile system with sump pump was installed to deter future water infiltration.  Our team discussed some different ideas and options with the clients.  Ultimately it was decided to maintain the existing wood wall coverings on the existing interior walls, and rebuild the exterior walls with a drywall covering.  Painting all of these surfaces the same color really ties things together.  Since the ceiling height was so low, we left it open instead of covering it with drywall.  Painting the existing floor framing above makes the space feel much taller than it really is.  Our team added tons of lighting and updated the electrical system.  Updated heating supplies and returns, along with spray foam insulation really makes this basement feel cozy, even during winter months.


These areas received a nice cosmetic update.  Walls, ceilings, and trim were painted.  The wood floors were sanded and refinished.  Fun note on the wood floors:  2 other wood floor companies turned the job down because they didn’t feel the floors could be saved.  Kudos to our team for their efforts and beautiful results.  The finished attic received new vinyl plank flooring, along with new carpet on the stairs.


Both exterior storm doors were replaced and a new electrical subpanel was installed.


Kitchen – Carly Hand

Flooring and colors – Tracy Morris


Eric Bader


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Townhome Updates

This single level townhome received some cosmetic updates.


The existing cabinets remained in place.  New Cambria quartz countertops were installed, along with a gorgeous tile backsplash.  New vinyl plank flooring and paint look great.  Fresh paint and lighting completes the look.  Rollout trays were added to the existing lower cabinets.  This looks like a brand new kitchen, even though the cabinets and appliances didn’t change!


This floor plan includes a small walk-in-closet inside of the bathroom.  The old wire shelving was ditched and a new custom closet system was installed to maximize every inch of this small space.  In addition, a new custom oak vanity was built to give our client a few drawers which she didn’t have previously.  A coat of paint, new countertop and faucet, and mirror finishes off the room.


A simple update was done in the guest bath.  A new custom oak vanity was built in our shop, and installed along with a new countertop and faucet.  Fresh paint, mirror, and accessories finish it off.



Jennifer Leslie

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Luxury Kitchen

Our clients wished for a professionally-detailed kitchen that would be worthy of a gourmet chef.  As the design developed, more items were added to really improve the luxury and function of this home.  This intensive project touched on nearly every room in the house.


As the design evolved, 3 primary focus points were decided on.  Each adds something unique without working against each other.

First is the giant island with seating for six.  Our clients really wanted to be able to comfortably host a small gathering without having to spread out.  The unique shape of the island allows traffic flow while still comfortably seating six people.  After deciding on the perfect island layout, our design team determined that the refrigerator would stick out too far into the room to achieve good traffic flow.  Our solution was to open up the wall behind the fridge to create an alcove for it to recess into.  This involved removing a load-bearing wall and installing a header, as well as moving ductwork and drain piping that was in the way.

The next focal point is the copper exhaust hood.  Our client found this and fell in love with it.  It’s a beautiful piece of art that happens to serve a ventilation purpose.  The hood required careful coordination between the design team, HVAC installer, carpenter, and electrician to make sure that it fit just right and functioned perfectly.  Due to some overhead structural beams, the exhaust ductwork needed to remain below the ceiling level of the kitchen.  Our cabinet company did an amazing job of creating a chase within the upper cabinets to hide the ductwork.

Our clients live along a lake, so a giant window was specified in order to maximize the view.  Our only concern was losing all of that upper cabinet storage space.  As usual, our design team came up with some wonderful alternative storage, including huge drawers in the island with organizers for plates and bowls that would normally be stored in an upper cabinet.  The view from the window is absolutely stunning and we are so glad that we went for the large window.


The cabinetry is custom made, and every single inch of it is made to be useful as well as beautiful.  Features include soft close inset doors and drawers, toe-kick drawers, rollout trays, giant drawers in the island, as well as glass-front cabinets.  The primary kitchen cabinets are finished in white, while the island is a custom slate-blue.  The dining room cabinets are maple with a custom stained finish.


The giant size of the island posed 2 challenges.  First, a piece of stone that large would cause strain on the floor support system due to the enormous amount of weight.  Second, there was not a single piece of stone large enough, and seaming 2 pieces together would not guarantee that the movement in the stone would continue uninterrupted.  One of our talented trade partners was able to duplicate the look our clients craved in an epoxy overlay.  This is truly a piece of art that happens to be a countertop.  The epoxy is far less weight than stone and provided the giant seamless look that we were looking for.


Our team specified a variety of lighting for different purposes.  General overhead lighting is accomplished with LED recessed lights.  Task lighting is achieved with undercabinet lighting, as well as pendants over the island.  Accent lighting is included in the glass cabinets to highlight treasured pieces.  All lighting is LED for energy savings and long life.  Dimmers are included for each element as well, allowing our clients to fully customize the lighting to suit their needs and mood.  Our clients found blue glass pendants while on a trip to Italy that are the perfect touch over the island.


These professional chef-grade appliances could be found in a commercial kitchen.  The dishwasher is whisper quiet.  The cooktop has safety features to prevent accidental use and burns.  The fridge is not only huge, but includes features to keep food from spoiling.


The kitchen backsplash is simple but really ties the other elements together without distraction.  The home’s interior was painted with a lush matte finish from Hirshfields.  The wood floors on the main level were refinished.  Minor upgrades were made to plumbing fixtures throughout the home.


Julie & Brian Widiker – Layout and Cabinets

Jennifer Leslie – Finishes and Colors

Eric Bader – Lighting


Eric Bader



We started our kitchen remodel journey without a contractor and did not know if we needed one. Allrounder came highly recommended by a couple of vendors we visited. Best decision ever!

Eric and Ruth are extremely organized, detail oriented, knowledgeable, ethical, and professional. Allrounder overcame challenges that came up—which were quite a few. Including finding a vendor to create a nine-foot island countertop in one piece, moving ductwork to recess our Sub Zero refrigerator, configuring a large picture window in the kitchen, and venting for a custom copper hood.

Allrounder protected our existing hardwood floors, doorways, staircase, and wall edges. Barriers were put up to keep dust contained yet allowed access to most of the house.

Allrounder has excellent craftsmen they work with. They showed up every time scheduled, on time, and cleaned up before leaving.

We had many meetings to plan our remodel prior to beginning. Allrounder provided a detailed calendar of the project plan as well as a contract. The project was finished on time.

We love how our kitchen turned out. It is STUNNING!
We will be using Allrounder for our next home project. We hope you will too.

–Bob & Pat, Inver Grove Heights MN

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Townhome Remodel

This townhome was built in 1986 and still had most of it’s original parts.  Our clients wishes were pretty straightforward:  Bring the home into this timeframe, and improve the look and function of the spaces.  He wished for a clean simple look that would require minimal maintenance.


The galley kitchen was surrounded by load-bearing and exterior walls.  Our client actually enjoyed the layout of the existing kitchen, so we kept the layout similar.  The upper cabinets go full height to the ceiling, eliminating the dust collection space that was above the original cabinets.  The white cabinets are a shaker style to keep the look simple.  Quartz countertops will be easy to maintain and add a little sparkle.  The floor looks like carrera marble but is actually a luxury vinyl tile.  Black stainless appliances really pop against the lighter finishes.  A counter-depth fridge was specified so as not to intrude on the rest of the room.  The backsplash is subtle and pulls a touch of the veining color out of the floor.


This bathroom is tiny and cramped.  We briefly considered expanding into other spaces, but our clients budget and desire to maintain the adjacent walk in closet and kids bathroom meant that we needed to get creative within the existing space.  In place of a tub, a large shower was created.  The shower walls are Corian solid surface panels, with a stripe of black accent tile.  The new toilet has a small footprint.  The new vanity cabinets are slightly shallower than normal to add a little more space.  Finally, the door was replaced and hung to swing into the adjacent bedroom instead of into the bathroom, further adding some precious space.


The luxury vinyl tile floor was carried through the entry and hallway areas of the home, which helped tie these spaces to the kitchen and make things easier for our clients during wet weather.  Light fixtures were replaced throughout the home.  The laundry washer and dryer were replaced with commercial grade appliances.


Lindsey Maddas


Eric Bader



I am very happy with my kitchen and bathroom remodels. Allrounder met me at four different businesses to help me select new lighting fixtures, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and flooring. Allrounder took care of hiring the subcontractors, which made the remodeling process so much easier. The quality of the work completed was excellent. I’m already planning on hiring Allrounder in a few years to finish my basement.

— Steve, Eagan MN

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Tiny Minneapolis Kitchen & Main Level Update

This tiny kitchen in south Minneapolis is only 9’x9′, so it was critical to maximize every inch of it.  Our clients goals were to modernize the space, add storage and counter space, and improve the ventilation to exhaust cooking odors to the outdoors.  As a busy growing family with 2 working parents, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance were important as well.


Naturally our client wished for all of today’s modern appliances and conveniences, so our design team was challenged to cram everything into this tiny space.  Great collaboration between our designer and appliance company led to some great space-saving choices.  Fully custom cabinets were specified in order to make use of every inch of space.  Numerous special storage features were incorporated into the cabinets.  In addition, European-style frameless cabinets were specified to allow every inch of cabinet to be used for storage.  Careful collaboration between the plumber, cabinet company, and project manager allowed for some custom drawers to be built under the kitchen sink.


The white-finished cabinets have a premium finish on them to keep them easy to clean.  Our client wished for concrete countertops because she loved the look of them.  However, when she found out about sealing and maintaining them, she was a bit dejected.  Corian quartz countertops in Dove Gray Leathered provided the look she craved with minimal maintenance.  A pull out trash drawer keeps the rubbish bin out of sight.  The dishwasher includes a cabinet panel to keep the room from looking too chopped up.  Under-sink drawers were custom built to fit around the plumbing but provide much-needed storage.  Our client opted for a smaller-than-usual sink in order to maximize the counter space.  Our mechanical contractor ran  ducting for the exhaust fan, so the fan will actually pull odors out of the room instead of just recirculating them.  Due to site conditions, some of this ductwork needed to be run through the cabinet above the microwave, so our carpenters crafted a little chase to conceal the ductwork.  Luxury vinyl sheet flooring provided the old-school look that our client wished for, along with a lower cost and easier maintenance than tile.


As mentioned above, our client wished for countertops that looked like concrete, and Corian Quartz in Dove Gray Leathered looked perfect.  Unfortunately Eric put Storm Gray on the order form instead of Dove, and the counters were already installed before the mistake was realized.  So naturally, we replaced the countertops with what we had promised originally.  An expensive mistake to be sure, but it was the right thing to do.  Both colors look great in this kitchen. Which do you like better?


A few months after the kitchen was completed, we were privileged to be invited back to finish off the main floor.  Updates included a new bathroom floor that matched what we did in the kitchen.  At some point in time, the tray ceilings were covered with knockdown texture.  After thorough testing to make sure that the texture wasn’t hazardous, it was scraped off.  The ceilings were then sealed, skim coated, sanded, primed, and painted back to what they would have looked like originally.  The old oak doors and trim were painstakingly cleaned, prepped, primed, and painted white.  80 years of age were sanded from the hardwood floors, which were then refinished with a natural polyurethane finish.  The old door hinges and heat registers were stripped of a million layers of old paint and re-painted.  After we were finished, the clients put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.


Designer:  Chris Albrecht

Project Manager:  Eric Bader

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Rosemount MN General Contractors


This complete home remodel includes a full kitchen & bathroom remodel.  In addition, the entire home received hardwood floors and a fresh coat of paint.


Our clients’ primary goal was to update the kitchen.  Several appliances didn’t even work anymore, and lack of good storage space meant that they had to keep pots and pans hanging from a rack on the ceiling.  In addition, our clients had set up numerous racks and carts for additional storage.

The new kitchen features plenty of storage in the custom maple cabinetry.  The durable Cambria quartz countertops are flanked by a natural butcher block peninsula for a variety of textures to keep things visually interesting.  After multiple plumbing and electrical updates, the space was drywalled and painted.  New stainless appliances and luxury vinyl flooring finish the space.  Fully custom overhead, under-cabinet, and task lighting ensures that all work areas are illuminated.


In the bathroom, our clients wished for a luxurious and classic feel for the space.  A unique custom cabinet package is topped with Cambria quartz countertops.  Luxury vinyl flooring mimics the look of reclaimed barnwood.  The white subway tile and chrome fixtures offer a timeless and classic elegance.


In addition, the carpeting was removed from the entire home, which revealed some beautiful original hardwood flooring.  The wood flooring was painstakingly refinished to its original beauty.  While we had the home emptied out, all walls and ceilings were patched and painted.  Our carpenters created a new mantle above the fireplace, and new pillars along the staircase.



“I started out just remodeling a little bit and ended up doing my whole upstairs. That includes my entire kitchen, new cabinets, new floor, tile, new refrigerator, stove, the whole ball of wax. Fully new floors, the entire thing painted. And then I had hardwood floors. I had carpeting and that got ripped out and there were hardwood floors underneath and they ended up just processing that, grinding it down and then staining it. Stain and poly. Replacing boards and they had to do everything to code. I got a new fan in my family room, a fan with a light. Plug-in and new lights all over the place because everything has to be to code now.

Everything was fantastic. Well, basically, what I want I got. It wasn’t like some of these other people that came because we were looking to remodel our house and they were giving their ideas not our ideas. These guys went hand in hand what I want I got, period. It wasn’t where, we had this other guy where he says no, you should do this and move that and blah, blah, blah. That’s not what we wanted to do.
I would use them again.”

— Joe & Christine, Apple Valley MN

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