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Our clients came to us with a few goals for their home.  They wished to update the outdated 1990s look and modernize things a bit.  In addition, they hoped to make their home brighter and improve the dim lighting.  All new finishes must be easy to clean and maintain, and if they could appeal to future buyers, all the better.

The project entailed a full remodel of the main floor, as well as work on the stairway and upper hallway.  The kitchen was completely redesigned, and the powder room received new fixtures.  In addition, lighting was added, and new doors, trim, and flooring were replaced throughout.



One of our client’s pain points was the closed off feeling of the kitchen.  A bank of cabinets hanging over the peninsula, soffits at the ceiling level, and a “bumped out” section of wall near the fridge really enclosed the space.  Some investigation determined that the bump out housed a vent pipe for the water heater, as well a laundry chute that was no longer used.  A new power-vent water heater was installed to allow the vent to go out the side of the house instead of vertically through the kitchen to the roof, allowing us to reclaim this space for the kitchen.

Our team also explored adding-on to the home to create more space in the kitchen, but ultimately our clients decided that the space gained wouldn’t be worth the additional cost and that enough space would be created through the removal of soffits and re-working the layout within the existing space.



This kitchen really blends beautiful and practical components.  The birch cabinets blend timeless and modern looks together, and feature a ton of drawers for storage.  The pantry includes rollout trays so nothing is lost in the back.  Cambria quartz countertops are not only stunning, but easy to maintain.  The backsplash tile is “mesmerizing” according to our client.   New stainless appliances include all of the bells and whistles.  Finally, a glass-cabinet area was included in order for our clients to show off some treasures.



Our lighting plan included general overhead lighting, as well as task-specific lighting and some accent lighting to highlight a couple of areas.  For overhead lighting, recessed lighting was added to every room.  The kitchen received undercabinet lighting to light up the countertop work areas, as well as some dedicated lighting over the sink work area and the cooktop work area.  Accent lighting was added to a glass cabinet to show off treasures.  In addition, a frosted glass door was installed at the top of the basement stairs to allow some natural light to filter to the basement.



Our clients existing wood floors had been severely worn down due to some rambunctious puppies.  Our original plan was to extend these wood floors throughout the main floor and refinish them all.  This plan was foiled when we discovered that the wood was not solid, but merely a veneer, meaning that they could not be refinished.  After reviewing several options, our clients landed on a wood-look laminate that they loved the look of.  In addition, this laminate has the most durable wear-layer available, making it perfect for resisting those dog scratches.  Beautiful new carpet was selected for the stairs and upper hallway.  Under the carpet, a spill-guard pad is in place just in case of a puppy accident.



All areas received new modern doors and trim.  The ceilings were skim coated smooth for a truly modern clean look.  The doors, trim, and windows received a beautiful enamel finish, and the walls and ceilings were painted as well.  The stairway also received a makeover with a modern railing and baluster system, which was tied in beautifully by our carpenters.  Our carpenters also installed a beautiful solid fir mantle on the fireplace.



“We recently completed a main floor and upstairs remodel, words cannot begin to detail the quality of work and professionalism we received from Allrounder Remodeling. Eric and his team were extremely professional and always courteous. From the top notch craftsmanship and attention to details from start to finish, Allrounder Remodeling will not disappoint. After our initial meeting and walk through, Eric came up with a plan that exceeded our expectations and we felt like he really understood what we wanted. We love our remodel and look forward to years of enjoyment.

Thank you Allrounder,”

— Chuck and Roberta
Woodbury, MN



Tracy Morris



Eric Bader