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Our clients came to us with a few goals for their home.  They wished to update the outdated 1990s look and modernize things a bit.  In addition, they hoped to make their home brighter and improve the dim lighting.  All new finishes must be easy to clean and maintain, and if they could appeal to future buyers, all the better.

The project entailed a full remodel of the main floor, as well as work on the stairway and upper hallway.  The kitchen was completely redesigned, and the powder room received new fixtures.  In addition, lighting was added, and new doors, trim, and flooring were replaced throughout.



One of our client’s pain points was the closed off feeling of the kitchen.  A bank of cabinets hanging over the peninsula, soffits at the ceiling level, and a “bumped out” section of wall near the fridge really enclosed the space.  Some investigation determined that the bump out housed a vent pipe for the water heater, as well a laundry chute that was no longer used.  A new power-vent water heater was installed to allow the vent to go out the side of the house instead of vertically through the kitchen to the roof, allowing us to reclaim this space for the kitchen.

Our team also explored adding-on to the home to create more space in the kitchen, but ultimately our clients decided that the space gained wouldn’t be worth the additional cost and that enough space would be created through the removal of soffits and re-working the layout within the existing space.



This kitchen really blends beautiful and practical components.  The birch cabinets blend timeless and modern looks together, and feature a ton of drawers for storage.  The pantry includes rollout trays so nothing is lost in the back.  Cambria quartz countertops are not only stunning, but easy to maintain.  The backsplash tile is “mesmerizing” according to our client.   New stainless appliances include all of the bells and whistles.  Finally, a glass-cabinet area was included in order for our clients to show off some treasures.



Our lighting plan included general overhead lighting, as well as task-specific lighting and some accent lighting to highlight a couple of areas.  For overhead lighting, recessed lighting was added to every room.  The kitchen received undercabinet lighting to light up the countertop work areas, as well as some dedicated lighting over the sink work area and the cooktop work area.  Accent lighting was added to a glass cabinet to show off treasures.  In addition, a frosted glass door was installed at the top of the basement stairs to allow some natural light to filter to the basement.



Our clients existing wood floors had been severely worn down due to some rambunctious puppies.  Our original plan was to extend these wood floors throughout the main floor and refinish them all.  This plan was foiled when we discovered that the wood was not solid, but merely a veneer, meaning that they could not be refinished.  After reviewing several options, our clients landed on a wood-look laminate that they loved the look of.  In addition, this laminate has the most durable wear-layer available, making it perfect for resisting those dog scratches.  Beautiful new carpet was selected for the stairs and upper hallway.  Under the carpet, a spill-guard pad is in place just in case of a puppy accident.



All areas received new modern doors and trim.  The ceilings were skim coated smooth for a truly modern clean look.  The doors, trim, and windows received a beautiful enamel finish, and the walls and ceilings were painted as well.  The stairway also received a makeover with a modern railing and baluster system, which was tied in beautifully by our carpenters.  Our carpenters also installed a beautiful solid fir mantle on the fireplace.



“We recently completed a main floor and upstairs remodel, words cannot begin to detail the quality of work and professionalism we received from Allrounder Remodeling. Eric and his team were extremely professional and always courteous. From the top notch craftsmanship and attention to details from start to finish, Allrounder Remodeling will not disappoint. After our initial meeting and walk through, Eric came up with a plan that exceeded our expectations and we felt like he really understood what we wanted. We love our remodel and look forward to years of enjoyment.

Thank you Allrounder,”

— Chuck and Roberta
Woodbury, MN



Tracy Morris



Eric Bader

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Rustic Alder Kitchen

Our clients primary complaints about their kitchen were lack of storage and poor traffic flow.  Our design team came up with a plan that removed the unused peninsula counter that blocked traffic, and incorporated a ton of custom storage including huge pantries, pullout spice racks, tray storage and a utensil organizer right next to the range.

Style wise, our clients quickly leaned toward a rustic/homey feel.  Rustic alder cabinets are finished in a unique blue/gray stain.  The floors are a rustic wood look that will hold up great to their large dogs.  The tile backsplash mimics the look of aged brick.  Quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain.  Overhead and undercabinet lighting were added.

In addition to the kitchen, our team added additional lighting and a brand new 200A electrical service for the entire home.



Chris Albrecht

Sheila Mach



Eric Bader


“We recently completed a kitchen remodel with Allrounder Remodeling and are thrilled with the outcome!

They helped us through every step of the way. From the start of coming up with design ideas all the way to how to care for the product after completion and every detail in between.

They had a calendar put together with estimated dates and everything was pretty on schedule to that detail, which was helpful for us to know what was coming next and when. They were very responsive, professional and the entire crew was very respectful during construction. I work from home so naturally this was a concern for noise and whatnot. I would highly recommend them for any of your project needs!”

–Nicole, Inver Grove Heights MN

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Townhome Improvements

Sometimes a full remodel isn’t needed to accomplish our clients goals.  In this case, our client liked the layout and cabinets in her kitchen.  She wanted to update it a bit and finish it with materials that were easy to maintain.  Our team replaced the countertops, sinks, and faucets in not only the kitchen but also all of the bathrooms.  Cambria quartz countertops were used for maximum beauty and durability.  In addition, the flooring throughout the home was replaced with luxury vinyl tile and solid wood.  The kitchen appliances were replaced with new stainless models.  Most of the interior was painted, and the kitchen received new cabinet hardware and a tile backsplash.  A nice change without the expense of a full remodel!

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Our clients had recently moved into this home.  They knew it needed some updates and felt that it had great potential to be their “forever home” but weren’t sure what was needed to make it perfect.  Our clietns are a busy family, so our plan needed to address the needs of all ages and abilities, as well as enough flexibility to change with them as the kids grow older.


A wall ran down the center of the home, dividing the kitchen and living areas.  Our team quickly identified the removal of this wall as a priority, as removing it would all for many more design options.  A structural engineer was brought in to investigate, and much to our surprise, we discovered that the wall was not load-bearing and could be removed without any additional support needed.  Next, the kitchen area was planned and designed.


Various workstations were incorporated into the design, allowing multiple users to work on different tasks without getting in each-others way.  These stations included the microwave, sink/dishwasher, range, and a unique cabinet that incorporates the highly-used coffee maker and toaster.  Ample space was given between the stations and center island to keep users from bumping into each other.  Finally, a solid walnut integrated breakfast counter was designed to allow the kids to work on homework while mom and dad cook dinner.  Rustic alder cabinets in a dark stain look great and contain all of the modern bells and whistles.  Cambria quartz countertops look great and are easy to clean and maintain.  Our clients loved the huge front window and didn’t want to replace it, so our designer integrated a flip-top bench beneath it for additional storage and seating.  The kitchen lighting includes undercabinet, overhead, and task-specific lighting.  All lighting is LED and controlled by dimmers for efficiency.


In addition to the kitchen, the newly-opened up main level contains room for a large dining table and a seating/conversation space.  The lighting was designed to illuminate each space separately or together, and dimmers allow our clients to set the perfect lighting for whatever activity or mood they are in.  All of the main level flooring was replacing with luxury vinyl plank.  Walls and ceilings were painted, and the exterior doors and patio door were replaced.  Some interior doors were replaced, along with moulding and trim.  A new guardrail system was installed around the open stairway.  A custom storage nook was placed near the family entrance to create a “drop zone” when entering the home.


The bathroom layouts remained the same, but the spaces were completely updated.  Numerous plumbing and electrical issues were addressed prior to the beautiful new finishes being installed.  The hall bathroom will serve 2 children and guests.  It received beautiful herringbone tile on the floor and a lovely glass inlay in the tub area.  Speaking of the tub, the huge soaker tub will be borrowed by mom on a regular basis.  The dark blue vanity adds some fun to this space.  The 2nd bathroom received nice hex tile on the floor, and a clean white palette for the rest of the room.


Melissa Buchanan


Eric Bader

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Kitchen & Main Floor Restoration

While we do not offer water damage restoration to the general public, when an existing client has trouble, we try our best to help them out.  In this case, our clients dishwasher leaked, severely damaging the subfloor and lower cabinets in the kitchen.  A dry-out company removed the nasty wet stuff and got everything dried out so there would be no mold concerns.  After that, our team replaced 3 layers of subfloor on the entire main floor.

Since she was displaced anyway, our client decided to make the most of the situation and decided to make some updates.  Our team built new lower cabinets to match the previous footprint.  In addition, we built new doors for the existing upper cabinets.  The upper cabinet boxes were prepped and painted.  The new lower cabinets were painted a coordinated color to provide a really neat 2-tone look.  The existing granite countertops were re-installed and a new glass tile backsplash was installed.  The entire main floor was painted and received luxury vinyl plank flooring.

In the end, our client was able to get a nice updated space, a true silver lining in a tough situation!

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Colorful Kitchen

Kitchens in older homes can be a challenge, and this one was no exception.  They are often too small, too cramped, and don’t make good use of limited space.  Previous owners had remodeled this kitchen prior to our clients living there.  While it worked, it just never “felt right” for our clients.  In addition, the materials and finishes used were not of very good quality and were starting to deteriorate.  The goal for our team on this project was to make the most of a limited space, and update using finishes that would hold up well and fit our clients style.

During the design process, our team came up with a 2-zone idea that our clients really liked.  The primary zone would be where cooking and dishwashing would occur, and the second zone would be for storage and a little additional prep space for larger cooking tasks.  In addition, our clients love a lot of color and variety of finishes, so our team was challenged with carefully making a lot of different textures and colors look good together.

Our client couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  The “zones” are distinguished by two different cabinet colors.  High quality cabinets are used for long term durability.  Cambria quartz countertops are durable as heck and look great.  An old-fashioned green linoleum floor looks amazing.  The backsplash features red and yellow tile that really pops.

For function, the cabinets include soft-close hardware and some hidden organizers.  Tons of new lighting was added, including undercabinet lighting.  The old weight-pocket windows were replaced with new Marvin double hungs.

The ultimate “victory” with this project:  When the Building Inspector stopped by for final inspections, his jaw dropped and he said, “wow, this really turned out beautiful!”  Inspectors normally don’t show that type of emotion.


Kitchen Design, Plans, and Cabinets/Countertops:  Carly Hand

Flooring, Tile, Paint Colors:  Tracy Morris



Eric Bader


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Full Home in St. Paul

This project touched nearly every room on all 3 floors of the home.


The crown jewel of this project is the kitchen.  Careful planning and a full gut job allowed this space to really open up and become a useful space for our clients.  Old wonky framing was repaired.  The plumbing, electrical, and ventilation were all brought up to date.  Spray foam insulation made an instant difference in the comfort level of the room before the drywall went up.  Custom trim was curated to perfectly match what was in the other rooms of the home, and then the painters did a great job in making it all pop.

Next, the custom cabinets were installed.  The cabinets include soft close doors and drawers, along with hidden rollout trays and a trash/recycling drawer.  Cambria quartz countertops look great and will be easy to maintain.  The wavy tile backsplash is super fun.  Tons of lighting was included ,both overhead and undercabinet.  Stainless appliances finish things off.


A foundation leak led to much of the existing finishes being removed.  A drain tile system with sump pump was installed to deter future water infiltration.  Our team discussed some different ideas and options with the clients.  Ultimately it was decided to maintain the existing wood wall coverings on the existing interior walls, and rebuild the exterior walls with a drywall covering.  Painting all of these surfaces the same color really ties things together.  Since the ceiling height was so low, we left it open instead of covering it with drywall.  Painting the existing floor framing above makes the space feel much taller than it really is.  Our team added tons of lighting and updated the electrical system.  Updated heating supplies and returns, along with spray foam insulation really makes this basement feel cozy, even during winter months.


These areas received a nice cosmetic update.  Walls, ceilings, and trim were painted.  The wood floors were sanded and refinished.  Fun note on the wood floors:  2 other wood floor companies turned the job down because they didn’t feel the floors could be saved.  Kudos to our team for their efforts and beautiful results.  The finished attic received new vinyl plank flooring, along with new carpet on the stairs.


Both exterior storm doors were replaced and a new electrical subpanel was installed.


Kitchen – Carly Hand

Flooring and colors – Tracy Morris


Eric Bader


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Townhome Updates

This single level townhome received some cosmetic updates.


The existing cabinets remained in place.  New Cambria quartz countertops were installed, along with a gorgeous tile backsplash.  New vinyl plank flooring and paint look great.  Fresh paint and lighting completes the look.  Rollout trays were added to the existing lower cabinets.  This looks like a brand new kitchen, even though the cabinets and appliances didn’t change!


This floor plan includes a small walk-in-closet inside of the bathroom.  The old wire shelving was ditched and a new custom closet system was installed to maximize every inch of this small space.  In addition, a new custom oak vanity was built to give our client a few drawers which she didn’t have previously.  A coat of paint, new countertop and faucet, and mirror finishes off the room.


A simple update was done in the guest bath.  A new custom oak vanity was built in our shop, and installed along with a new countertop and faucet.  Fresh paint, mirror, and accessories finish it off.



Jennifer Leslie

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Luxury Kitchen

Our clients wished for a professionally-detailed kitchen that would be worthy of a gourmet chef.  As the design developed, more items were added to really improve the luxury and function of this home.  This intensive project touched on nearly every room in the house.


As the design evolved, 3 primary focus points were decided on.  Each adds something unique without working against each other.

First is the giant island with seating for six.  Our clients really wanted to be able to comfortably host a small gathering without having to spread out.  The unique shape of the island allows traffic flow while still comfortably seating six people.  After deciding on the perfect island layout, our design team determined that the refrigerator would stick out too far into the room to achieve good traffic flow.  Our solution was to open up the wall behind the fridge to create an alcove for it to recess into.  This involved removing a load-bearing wall and installing a header, as well as moving ductwork and drain piping that was in the way.

The next focal point is the copper exhaust hood.  Our client found this and fell in love with it.  It’s a beautiful piece of art that happens to serve a ventilation purpose.  The hood required careful coordination between the design team, HVAC installer, carpenter, and electrician to make sure that it fit just right and functioned perfectly.  Due to some overhead structural beams, the exhaust ductwork needed to remain below the ceiling level of the kitchen.  Our cabinet company did an amazing job of creating a chase within the upper cabinets to hide the ductwork.

Our clients live along a lake, so a giant window was specified in order to maximize the view.  Our only concern was losing all of that upper cabinet storage space.  As usual, our design team came up with some wonderful alternative storage, including huge drawers in the island with organizers for plates and bowls that would normally be stored in an upper cabinet.  The view from the window is absolutely stunning and we are so glad that we went for the large window.


The cabinetry is custom made, and every single inch of it is made to be useful as well as beautiful.  Features include soft close inset doors and drawers, toe-kick drawers, rollout trays, giant drawers in the island, as well as glass-front cabinets.  The primary kitchen cabinets are finished in white, while the island is a custom slate-blue.  The dining room cabinets are maple with a custom stained finish.


The giant size of the island posed 2 challenges.  First, a piece of stone that large would cause strain on the floor support system due to the enormous amount of weight.  Second, there was not a single piece of stone large enough, and seaming 2 pieces together would not guarantee that the movement in the stone would continue uninterrupted.  One of our talented trade partners was able to duplicate the look our clients craved in an epoxy overlay.  This is truly a piece of art that happens to be a countertop.  The epoxy is far less weight than stone and provided the giant seamless look that we were looking for.


Our team specified a variety of lighting for different purposes.  General overhead lighting is accomplished with LED recessed lights.  Task lighting is achieved with undercabinet lighting, as well as pendants over the island.  Accent lighting is included in the glass cabinets to highlight treasured pieces.  All lighting is LED for energy savings and long life.  Dimmers are included for each element as well, allowing our clients to fully customize the lighting to suit their needs and mood.  Our clients found blue glass pendants while on a trip to Italy that are the perfect touch over the island.


These professional chef-grade appliances could be found in a commercial kitchen.  The dishwasher is whisper quiet.  The cooktop has safety features to prevent accidental use and burns.  The fridge is not only huge, but includes features to keep food from spoiling.


The kitchen backsplash is simple but really ties the other elements together without distraction.  The home’s interior was painted with a lush matte finish from Hirshfields.  The wood floors on the main level were refinished.  Minor upgrades were made to plumbing fixtures throughout the home.


Julie & Brian Widiker – Layout and Cabinets

Jennifer Leslie – Finishes and Colors

Eric Bader – Lighting


Eric Bader



We started our kitchen remodel journey without a contractor and did not know if we needed one. Allrounder came highly recommended by a couple of vendors we visited. Best decision ever!

Eric and Ruth are extremely organized, detail oriented, knowledgeable, ethical, and professional. Allrounder overcame challenges that came up—which were quite a few. Including finding a vendor to create a nine-foot island countertop in one piece, moving ductwork to recess our Sub Zero refrigerator, configuring a large picture window in the kitchen, and venting for a custom copper hood.

Allrounder protected our existing hardwood floors, doorways, staircase, and wall edges. Barriers were put up to keep dust contained yet allowed access to most of the house.

Allrounder has excellent craftsmen they work with. They showed up every time scheduled, on time, and cleaned up before leaving.

We had many meetings to plan our remodel prior to beginning. Allrounder provided a detailed calendar of the project plan as well as a contract. The project was finished on time.

We love how our kitchen turned out. It is STUNNING!
We will be using Allrounder for our next home project. We hope you will too.

–Bob & Pat, Inver Grove Heights MN

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Townhome Remodel

This townhome was built in 1986 and still had most of it’s original parts.  Our clients wishes were pretty straightforward:  Bring the home into this timeframe, and improve the look and function of the spaces.  He wished for a clean simple look that would require minimal maintenance.


The galley kitchen was surrounded by load-bearing and exterior walls.  Our client actually enjoyed the layout of the existing kitchen, so we kept the layout similar.  The upper cabinets go full height to the ceiling, eliminating the dust collection space that was above the original cabinets.  The white cabinets are a shaker style to keep the look simple.  Quartz countertops will be easy to maintain and add a little sparkle.  The floor looks like carrera marble but is actually a luxury vinyl tile.  Black stainless appliances really pop against the lighter finishes.  A counter-depth fridge was specified so as not to intrude on the rest of the room.  The backsplash is subtle and pulls a touch of the veining color out of the floor.


This bathroom is tiny and cramped.  We briefly considered expanding into other spaces, but our clients budget and desire to maintain the adjacent walk in closet and kids bathroom meant that we needed to get creative within the existing space.  In place of a tub, a large shower was created.  The shower walls are Corian solid surface panels, with a stripe of black accent tile.  The new toilet has a small footprint.  The new vanity cabinets are slightly shallower than normal to add a little more space.  Finally, the door was replaced and hung to swing into the adjacent bedroom instead of into the bathroom, further adding some precious space.


The luxury vinyl tile floor was carried through the entry and hallway areas of the home, which helped tie these spaces to the kitchen and make things easier for our clients during wet weather.  Light fixtures were replaced throughout the home.  The laundry washer and dryer were replaced with commercial grade appliances.


Lindsey Maddas


Eric Bader



I am very happy with my kitchen and bathroom remodels. Allrounder met me at four different businesses to help me select new lighting fixtures, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and flooring. Allrounder took care of hiring the subcontractors, which made the remodeling process so much easier. The quality of the work completed was excellent. I’m already planning on hiring Allrounder in a few years to finish my basement.

— Steve, Eagan MN

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