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Our clients came to us with 2 primary goals for their main level.  The first and most important was to add gathering space for their growing family.  The second was to completely update the space, which was showing signs of wear after 30+ years of raising a family.

The main floor of the home is divided into two separate halves.  The front half features a formal piano room, entryway, and formal dining room.  The back half is where the family spends most of their time.  It included a sunken living room, kitchen, and informal dining area.  A powder bathroom and the stairway splits the home down the middle, and a rear entry/mudroom is tucked into the back corner.

After discussing a few ideas, creating a better marriage between the kitchen and informal living room seemed to be the most important aspect of adding family gathering space.  The existing setup had an eating peninsula split on both sides between the level and sunken areas, creating a weird traffic flow.  People sitting on the sunken side would block traffic from coming from the other direction.  Because the 2 sides of the peninsula were different heights, our clients needed different stools for each side.  This setup also shrunk the usable family space considerably.

Our team explored a few designs and solutions, including the removal of the wall between the sunken room and the piano room.  Investigation determined that the wall was load bearing, which isn’t a huge obstacle.  Unfortunately, numerous plumbing pipes and ductwork runs serving the 2nd floor ran through this wall, and our clients ultimately determined that it wasn’t worth the investment to relocate these items and take down this wall.

Ultimately, our clients decided to level out the sunken room with the rest of the floor and “push” the eating area toward the kitchen.  To accomplish this, our team removed a giant 9’ patio door from the sunken room and installed some brand new windows in place of the door.


The blue cabinetry really makes a statement, especially compared to the dingy oak that it replaced.  The center island is a taupe shade for contrast.  The cabinets include soft close hardware and hidden storage solutions to maximize the spaces.  Quartz countertops are a breeze to maintain.  Some appliances were replaced while others were re-used from the previous kitchen.


One of our clients recurring comments was how dark it gets in the house.  Our solutions included recessed lighting in most areas.  Where decorative fixtures were desired, high lumen bulbs were specified to maximize the available light.  The kitchen received undercabinet lighting, as well as above-cabinet lighting for an accent.  Dimmer switches were used in most areas to allow for full customization of the lighting.


Our clients found a glass vessel sink that they fell in love with, and this became the focal point of the bathroom and all other elements were selected to coordinat with the sink.  A green palette for the cabinet and countertop really adds interest to the space, and updated lighting brightens it up nicely.


The original mudroom was just an open space, with no storage whatsoever.  Our team designed a combination of wall hooks and cabinetry for storage.  The space now serves as a pantry as well as an entry point.  The back door to the yard had been leaking badly, which resulted in some minor structural repairs before replacing the door.


This project included a few exterior updates as well.  This included new windows on the rear of the home, new overhead garage doors, new entry doors on the front and back of the home, new shutters on the front windows, and new light fixtures.


All of the popcorn ceiling was removed, and the ceilings were skimmed smooth.  The ceiling and walls were painted, including a couple of accent walls for a nice little pop.  All of the flooring was replaced with a waterproof laminate.  The entire level now has the same continuous floor throughout, with no tripping hazards between rooms.  New baseboards were installed throughout.  The windows on the kitchen/family room side of the home were replaced with new units from Marvin.



“Eric Bader from Allrounder Remodeling did an excellent job for our recent remodel. We were looking for a fresh update to our kitchen and family room area. Allrounder helped give our space more function with beautiful updates.
Eric was so comfortable and easy to work with. He helped us hone into our design from several ideas we had. Eric and his team have a great eye for detail.
The crew we worked with were very professional. They were skilled, courteous and conscientious of our space and time.
I highly recommend Allrounders for any project.
We are very happy with the whole process and outcome.”

–Mike and Heidi, Eagan MN



Tracy Morris


Project Manager

Eric Bader

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Basement Bath

The bathroom that we replaced had been installed several years ago.  Due to budget constraints at that time, our clients used inexpensive finish materials from a box store.  As a result, the bathroom started failing after just a few short years.  This time our clients were determined to “do it right” with quality finishes and a more thoughtful approach.

Our client wished for a “man’s bathroom that isn’t too manly,” as well as being easy to clean and maintain.  Our solutions included a vanity cabinet from our custom shop which features a soft close drawers and a rich black finish.  The shower walls are clad in Corian solid surface panels for a beautiful but easy to clean surface with no grout.  Due to the low 7′ ceiling in this basement, we clad the shower ceiling with Corian as well to avoid paint failure above the shower.



Eric Bader


Project Manager

Eric Bader

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Master Bath with Custom Cabinets

Our clients knew one thing:  they hated the giant 1990 bathtub and wanted to put this space to better use.  What they didn’t know was what could be done differently.  After some discussions and design concepts, we decided to add some incredible storage, as well as make more room for the toilet, which had been crammed in a small corner before.

A quirky thing that came up while discussing the project with the clients is that they often would drag an ironing board into the bathroom to touchup clothing while getting ready.  Our design team came up with the idea to incorporate an ironing board into the new custom cabinets.  No more dragging a full size board into the room – this little board is the perfect size for touchups and the iron can be ready to go in the cabinet above.  The cabinets also feature soft-close hardware, adjustable shelves above, and rollout trays below.

The shower is clad with Corian solid-surface panels.  This material allows for easy cleaning as there are no grout lines.  The shower includes a seat and a recessed niche for shampoo bottles.

The flooring is a luxury vinyl in a beautiful herringbone pattern.  The lighting was updated and the entire room was painted.


“Eric and his crew did a great on our bathroom remodel. They kept to their schedule and budget. They took they the time to protect our hardwood floors, carpeting and door ways leading to bathroom.
Looking forward to our next project with them.” — Dan, Cottage Grove MN



Tracy Morris


Project Manager

Eric Bader

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Bathroom with 3D Shower

The majority of our projects are design-build, where we work with our clients to source all of the materials and fixtures for their new space.  In this instance, our clients came to us with their materials and fixtures already in hand, and we have to say that they made some amazing choices!

An old-school cast iron bathtub is surrounded by some beautiful 3D white ceramic tile.  The tile pattern is very subtle but really striking, especially in person.  The floor tile is a beautiful porcelain that mimics the appearance of stone.  The white oak cabinets were built by a family friend and really look great.



Our awesome clients!



Eric Bader

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Shower Remodel in St. Paul

As our clients age-in-place, they decided that their existing bathtub/shower combo was becoming too unsafe.  Our solutions included eliminating the tub in favor of a shower, so no more tub to climb over to get into the shower!  In addition, our team installed grab bars, a custom handheld shower system, and plenty of shelves inside of the shower for storage.  In addition, new luxury vinyl tile flooring was installed throughout the room.  The old tub area was quite dark, so additional lighting was added for safety and ease of use.  The new shower walls are solid-surface panels, so there is no grout to clean.  No changes were made to the vanity or cabinets.



“(We) wanted to thank you for the completion of our bath remodel.  We are very pleased with the outcome and with your attentive management of the project.

Jim, St. Paul MN

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Townhome Improvements

Sometimes a full remodel isn’t needed to accomplish our clients goals.  In this case, our client liked the layout and cabinets in her kitchen.  She wanted to update it a bit and finish it with materials that were easy to maintain.  Our team replaced the countertops, sinks, and faucets in not only the kitchen but also all of the bathrooms.  Cambria quartz countertops were used for maximum beauty and durability.  In addition, the flooring throughout the home was replaced with luxury vinyl tile and solid wood.  The kitchen appliances were replaced with new stainless models.  Most of the interior was painted, and the kitchen received new cabinet hardware and a tile backsplash.  A nice change without the expense of a full remodel!

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Our clients had recently moved into this home.  They knew it needed some updates and felt that it had great potential to be their “forever home” but weren’t sure what was needed to make it perfect.  Our clietns are a busy family, so our plan needed to address the needs of all ages and abilities, as well as enough flexibility to change with them as the kids grow older.


A wall ran down the center of the home, dividing the kitchen and living areas.  Our team quickly identified the removal of this wall as a priority, as removing it would all for many more design options.  A structural engineer was brought in to investigate, and much to our surprise, we discovered that the wall was not load-bearing and could be removed without any additional support needed.  Next, the kitchen area was planned and designed.


Various workstations were incorporated into the design, allowing multiple users to work on different tasks without getting in each-others way.  These stations included the microwave, sink/dishwasher, range, and a unique cabinet that incorporates the highly-used coffee maker and toaster.  Ample space was given between the stations and center island to keep users from bumping into each other.  Finally, a solid walnut integrated breakfast counter was designed to allow the kids to work on homework while mom and dad cook dinner.  Rustic alder cabinets in a dark stain look great and contain all of the modern bells and whistles.  Cambria quartz countertops look great and are easy to clean and maintain.  Our clients loved the huge front window and didn’t want to replace it, so our designer integrated a flip-top bench beneath it for additional storage and seating.  The kitchen lighting includes undercabinet, overhead, and task-specific lighting.  All lighting is LED and controlled by dimmers for efficiency.


In addition to the kitchen, the newly-opened up main level contains room for a large dining table and a seating/conversation space.  The lighting was designed to illuminate each space separately or together, and dimmers allow our clients to set the perfect lighting for whatever activity or mood they are in.  All of the main level flooring was replacing with luxury vinyl plank.  Walls and ceilings were painted, and the exterior doors and patio door were replaced.  Some interior doors were replaced, along with moulding and trim.  A new guardrail system was installed around the open stairway.  A custom storage nook was placed near the family entrance to create a “drop zone” when entering the home.


The bathroom layouts remained the same, but the spaces were completely updated.  Numerous plumbing and electrical issues were addressed prior to the beautiful new finishes being installed.  The hall bathroom will serve 2 children and guests.  It received beautiful herringbone tile on the floor and a lovely glass inlay in the tub area.  Speaking of the tub, the huge soaker tub will be borrowed by mom on a regular basis.  The dark blue vanity adds some fun to this space.  The 2nd bathroom received nice hex tile on the floor, and a clean white palette for the rest of the room.


Melissa Buchanan


Eric Bader

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Master Bath & Closet

This bathroom had way too many walls, too many doors, and a very poor use of space.  Although large, the shower was claustrophobic due to having too many walls and not enough glass.  In addition, the toilet was tucked into it’s own tiny room, also feeling claustrophobic.  While the closet was large, some odd angles limited the usefulness of the space.

Our design team came up with some different ideas for using the space, and the clients ultimately decided on a great open plan.  Although the new bathroom is actually less square feet than before, it feels much more open.  The shower is enclosed with glass instead of walls.  A new tub was added.  A large double vanity and a linen cabinet round out the bathroom area.  In addition, a custom closet system makes the best use of space in the closet area.

Our design team helped our clients select finishes that are both durable and beautiful.  The custom cabinets feature soft close drawers.  Cambria quartz countertops look great and are easy to keep clean.  The porcelain floor tile looks just like natural stone.  In the shower, the back panel is Cambria to match the vanity top and provide some “wow” factor, while the sides are white Corian to keep the cost within budget.  The tub is surrounded by a wavy white tile that is simply beautiful.


Design Team:

Leah Johnson – Floor plan/layout

Carly Hand – Cabinets

Jennifer Leslie – Fixtures and Finishes


Project Manager:

Eric Bader

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Riverfront Retreat

Our clients have a lovely home on the Mississippi River in Newport.  Their wish was to increase the size of the master bedroom, create a large walk in closet, and improve the ventilation and lighting in these spaces.  Maximizing the view and breezes from the river was of utmost importance.  In addition, the bathroom was in dire need of a renovation.  The project involved taking 3 upstairs bedrooms and converting them into a large master suite.


During our initial meetings with the clients, we discussed their needs and lifestyle in more detail.  Discussions were had regarding number of bedrooms and resale value, as well as any potential for future family expansion or children.  Some general ideas were sketched out for the bedroom areas and bathroom.  These sketches were turned over to our design team, who drew some computerized ideas and plans.  5 initial floor plans were presented.  After reviewing these with the client, a hybrid idea was developed, which our architect ran with and drew up.  A structural engineer was brought in to verify that the walls we wished to remove were not load bearing.  Our cabinet designer drew up some great ideas for the bathroom.  Once the plans were approved by the client, our design team worked with the clients to pick out the cabinets, tile, fixtures, etc. that would go into the space.  Finally, our trade partners were brought in to walk through the project and alleviate any construction concerns or plan tweaks that may have been needed.


3 bedrooms and 2 small closets were converted into a large master suite with huge walk-in closet.  Additional walls were framed to create new separations between the hallway and this new space.  The existing plaster was carefully blended with new drywall to ensure that the spaces looked like they had always been this way.  Special high-build ceiling paint was used to ensure an even finish in this brightly lit space.   Our trim carpenters installed new pocket doors and trim.  The painters did a beautiful job with the rich color palette.  In these areas, the hardwood floors were patched and the entire area refinished.  Our electricians installed new lighting, ceiling fans, and additional outlets for our clients convenience.


Our clients had a strong wish for a black and white space.  These can be some of the most difficult finishes to work with, as every imperfection sticks out like a sore thumb.  The tub was removed to create a large walk-in shower and linen closet.  The porcelain tile floor sits on top of an in-floor heat system.  A combination of fixtures from different brands were used in order to provide the custom look that our clients were seeking.  A custom clear glass door and panel allows light to pass into the shower area and combines with a huge mirror to make the room feel larger.  Black cabinets were designed to maximize storage, and the Cambria quartz countertop looks amazing and will be a breeze to keep clean.


An upgraded electrical panel will provide plenty of power to the home, and some dated plumbing piping was replaces.  A sliding rustic alder barn door separates the hallway from the master suite.  A new craftsman-style fiberglass front door puts the exclamation point on this beautiful project.


This project took about 3 months to design and plan.  Construction was completed in about 3-1/2 months.


Leah Johnson & Carly Hand

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Powder Room Refresh

This powder room received a nice facelift.  The cramped pedestal sink was replaced with a custom cabinet from our shop, along with a new countertop and faucet.  A new mirror, light fixture, and accessories finish things off, along with a fresh coat of paint.

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