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Our clients had recently moved into this home.  They knew it needed some updates and felt that it had great potential to be their “forever home” but weren’t sure what was needed to make it perfect.  Our clietns are a busy family, so our plan needed to address the needs of all ages and abilities, as well as enough flexibility to change with them as the kids grow older.


A wall ran down the center of the home, dividing the kitchen and living areas.  Our team quickly identified the removal of this wall as a priority, as removing it would all for many more design options.  A structural engineer was brought in to investigate, and much to our surprise, we discovered that the wall was not load-bearing and could be removed without any additional support needed.  Next, the kitchen area was planned and designed.


Various workstations were incorporated into the design, allowing multiple users to work on different tasks without getting in each-others way.  These stations included the microwave, sink/dishwasher, range, and a unique cabinet that incorporates the highly-used coffee maker and toaster.  Ample space was given between the stations and center island to keep users from bumping into each other.  Finally, a solid walnut integrated breakfast counter was designed to allow the kids to work on homework while mom and dad cook dinner.  Rustic alder cabinets in a dark stain look great and contain all of the modern bells and whistles.  Cambria quartz countertops look great and are easy to clean and maintain.  Our clients loved the huge front window and didn’t want to replace it, so our designer integrated a flip-top bench beneath it for additional storage and seating.  The kitchen lighting includes undercabinet, overhead, and task-specific lighting.  All lighting is LED and controlled by dimmers for efficiency.


In addition to the kitchen, the newly-opened up main level contains room for a large dining table and a seating/conversation space.  The lighting was designed to illuminate each space separately or together, and dimmers allow our clients to set the perfect lighting for whatever activity or mood they are in.  All of the main level flooring was replacing with luxury vinyl plank.  Walls and ceilings were painted, and the exterior doors and patio door were replaced.  Some interior doors were replaced, along with moulding and trim.  A new guardrail system was installed around the open stairway.  A custom storage nook was placed near the family entrance to create a “drop zone” when entering the home.


The bathroom layouts remained the same, but the spaces were completely updated.  Numerous plumbing and electrical issues were addressed prior to the beautiful new finishes being installed.  The hall bathroom will serve 2 children and guests.  It received beautiful herringbone tile on the floor and a lovely glass inlay in the tub area.  Speaking of the tub, the huge soaker tub will be borrowed by mom on a regular basis.  The dark blue vanity adds some fun to this space.  The 2nd bathroom received nice hex tile on the floor, and a clean white palette for the rest of the room.


Melissa Buchanan


Eric Bader