Most of our projects require some level of design work.  For a simple bath remodel where nothing is being relocated, this design work may simply involve a few hours with our interior designer to help pick out tile, fixtures, paint colors, etc.  For more intensive projects, such as kitchen remodels or renovations involving moving walls around, more extensive design work is required.

Sometimes our clients come to us with definite ideas of how they’d like things configured, and other times they have no idea.  Either way, our design team plays a critical role in the success of the project.

Here are some examples of our design process for different types of projects.  Click on any image to enlarge it.




Simple projects such as bath remodels often don’t require a formal set of plans or drawings, especially if we are just swapping out fixtures and finishes in the same locations.  In these cases, the design simply involves working with our interior designers to pick out finishes and fixtures.  Getting the perfect combination of cabinet color, countertops, tile, paint colors, and faucets really makes the room feel like your own.




For kitchen remodels and more intensive bath remodels, our team develops drawings to help visualize what the remodeled space will look like.  Using modern design software, our designers can play around with different layouts until everything fits just right.  Once the layout is dialed in, the designer can then impose different colors and finishes onto the drawings to give our clients an even better idea of how things will look.  After this, our team helps with the selections of finishes and fixtures.




In this example, our team is undertaking the renovation of a complete floor.  The existing space contains 3 bedrooms and a bathroom and will be renovated into a master suite.   The initial client meetings and discussions resulted in some crude hand drawn sketches.  These serve to just give a general idea of what everyone is thinking about.

Next, our team works to take these crude sketches and turn them into detailed and scaled plans. In this case, multiple options were drawn as there were multiple ways to approach the project.  Additional client discussions are held, and a direction is decided on.

Once narrowed down, final plans are drawn with all details included, ready to submit to the city for permits.  As with all of our projects, our design team helps with the selection of finishes and fixtures.  Once these design steps are complete, we can provide a fixed-cost proposal for the construction and schedule the project.




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